Compound Wealth Advisors is a fiduciary, registered investment advisor that offers comprehensive financial planning for individuals and families. We guide our clients through the complex world of investing, insurance, tax and estate planning so they can spend more time enjoying their lives and less time worrying about their finances. If you are looking for a wealth advisor who is committed to serving a limited number of clients with exceptional service, contact us now.

Stuart A. Schiffman, MBA, ChFC®
Founder and CEO of Compound Wealth Advisors

Client Centered

Personal Journey

Many years ago I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. What a revelation! My Dad was definitely the poor Dad. Money flowed through his hands. He never saved or invested. I had to borrow money from an uncle to attend college.

I grew up thinking that people knew things about money that I didnt. After college,  I went to work on Wall Street. As an institutional bond salesperson and trader, I saw firsthand how commissions create an unhealthy work environment. I left Wall Street thinking there must be a better way. 

Today as a wealth advisor, I am paid solely by my clients. There is no mixed loyalties. My clients trust me to to provide them the very best service I can and I rejoice in their financial and life success. 

Financial planning is complex and ever changing. I can't imagine going it alone. If you are looking for an advisor that is dedicated to your financial and life success give us a call. 


Mr. Schiffman is a Chartered Financial Consultant®. He holds a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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