Our Process

We begin with a conversation. How did you hear about us? What intrigues you about our services? What is it that you hope to accomplish in the next year, five years, twenty years? What keeps you up at night, what do imagine could happen that could upend your plans? 

We ask these questions because we want to better understand you, your needs and your values.  We believe financial advisors have to do much more than offer financial advice. We cannot offer a financial plan or go on a financial journey with you if we do not understand how it fits into your ioverall life portfolio. 

After our first conversation, if you are enticed by our approach and the services we offer, we will ask you to share some financial information with us so we can assess whether there is a good fit between our services and your needs. If we agree there is a mutual fit then we can begin to delve deeper and start creating a custom financial plan for you. 

All of our clients will be offered investment, tax, insurance and estate planning services throughout the course of every year on a regular scheduled cycle. 

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